How far in advance should we book?

Bookings are usually made 12-16 months in advance, especially for peak dates April-September.


What happens at consultations?

Two people are welcome to attend the cake tasting and consultation. I provide three different flavours for you to try, chosen in advance. Additional flavours can be sampled at a cost of £5 each.


Appointments usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays in Spring, Autumn and Winter. Please come prepared with anything that may provide inspiration e.g. stationery, lists of flowers, colour swatches and any cake designs. These are all helpful and will help me to get a sense of your style and I can then add any personalised details to your wedding cake. If you're interested in favours and/or dessert tables the same details will be useful.

I sketch a preliminary design at your consultation which is then refined and posted to you within two weeks. No prices are given during your consultation.

Covid-19 measures

Please note, at present couples attending consultations must wear a mask. Samples will be wrapped and boxed for you to take away an enjoy at home. Sanitiser is available in our showroom and we also ask that you ‘check in’ using the NHS track and trace app.



Deposit and payment

A £100 non-refundable deposit ensures your date is secured with us. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, to cover costs incurred prior to making your cake e.g. emails, phone calls, drawing up sketches and quotes, time spent researching specific elements of your cake design etc. Your deposit is taken off the balance of your quote. The remaining balance is due eight weeks before your wedding. 


Delivery and set up

I recommend that we deliver and set up your wedding cake to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Delivery is free of charge within 20 miles of our showroom in Bawtry, with a mileage charge thereafter. On delivery, we will ask a member of staff to sign a set up form confirming it has arrived in good condition, along with any special information e.g. dietary info and items to be removed. We cannot accept responsibility for cakes once they have left our possession.


Guide Prices

All my cake designs are tailored to each couple and the final price will depend entirely on the size of the cake and level of decoration involved. When sending your initial enquiry, please include as much information as possible to allow us to provide a rough quote e.g. wedding venue (for mileage), number of evening guests and any design elements you like. After your consultation, I will post out an exact quote for the design discussed. However, please find below a starting price for plain iced cakes with simple decoration:

3 tiers (94 portions) £400
3 tiers (120 portions) £450
4 tiers (130 portions) £485
4 tiers (164 portions) £530

5 tiers (210 portions) £650

Prices will increase when adding elements such as edible gold or silver leaf, sugar flowers, hand piped or painted detail, ruffled tiers etc. I recommend providing enough portions for 75% of your guests (unless you and your family love cake and would like to take some home). However, we can use ‘false’ tiers to add extra height without adding extra portions. These are iced exactly like the rest of your cake so your guests will never know. 

Will you copy a cake we’ve seen on the internet?

I do not copy other cake designer’s work. I fully appreciate the time and effort they have spent to create the perfect cake and would be much happier creating something that is personal to you. 


Do you provide cake toppers?

I don’t make or supply toppers but am happy to advise you on style and size that will complement your cake design. Toppers need to be with me at least two weeks before your wedding. Please let me know the name of the company you’ve ordered from so I can credit them in photos.



Can we hire a cake stand and knife?

I have many cake stands for you to choose from, in a wide range of colours and styles. Different props such as cake hoops (perfect for dressing with florals) are also available. Cake stand hire is £15. It is your responsibility to return a stand to our showroom within 5 days of your wedding. If you are  leaving for your honeymoon soon after the wedding please ensure that someone will return the cake stand etc within 5 days of your wedding. If this is the case please provide their contact details. Unless otherwise agreed, please ensure it is returned promptly it may be needed for another wedding. If hired items are not returned within 5 days, or in the same good condition provided, you will be invoiced for a replacement.

I don’t have cake knives available to hire as these are usually provided as standard at your venue but please double check. If your venue or caterer don’t have one, there are plenty of designs to buy online - many with the option to engrave so you could have a keepsake for future anniversary and special occasion cakes.


Does each tier have to be the same flavour?

Absolutely not. I fully recommend having different flavours per tier to offer you and your guests variety. If, for example, you have a four tier cake, a popular combination would be a classic flavour such as Victoria sponge, a citrus tier, a chocolate tier and then perhaps a slightly more quirky flavour. All our sponge tiers are coated with a layer of white chocolate ganache prior to icing which ensures a blank canvas if your sponges are different colours, locks in moisture and provides a smooth, firm surface to get a clean finish when icing.


Our fruit cakes do not rise as high as our sponge cakes so I don’t incorporate these in to tiered designs. I’m happy to decorate a fruit cake or mini fruit cakes to sit alongside your main cake or some couples choose to have a cutting cake given straight to kitchen staff.

Fresh flowers and inedible items

I am happy to incorporate fresh flowers onto your cake. You would show your florist your cake sketch and size of tiers so they can order an appropriate amount of loose stems (I’m always happy to liaise with florists if they need more information). I then meet them at your venue on the morning of your wedding and arrange them myself using food safe equipment. Please check that your florist will only provide non-toxic flowers. If in doubt, I reserve the right to refuse any flowers which may be toxic. There is a comprehensive list of poisonous flowers and foliage on the RHS website.

Certain elements of your cake design may be inedible. For example, sugar flowers may have a polystyrene bud and wire running through them and food safe plastic dowels are used to support each tier. Details of all items to be removed prior to serving will be given to a member of staff at your wedding venue.



Our kitchen is not an allergy-free kitchen. Whilst I can speak to you regarding flavours for guests with intolerances, I do not offer cakes for people with food allergies. The following ingredients are used in our kitchen: Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, tree nuts and peanuts. The delivery form left with a member of staff will have an allergy sticker on it confirming these allergens are present in our kitchen. Charlotte Wilcox Cake Design will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to our products.

The red food colouring used in our red velvet cake recipe/red icing may have an adverse effect on behaviour in children.



Insurance and food hygiene

Our premises and car are covered by business insurance. We have held a 5* food hygiene rating consistently since opening in 2010, issued by Doncaster Council.